Guest Book for Max Eldon Edwards

Provided by Walker Funeral Home

Posted by: Jane Rogers for the Agape' Class
Tue December 15, 2020
Pastor Max has always held a special place in our hearts, and we have many warm memories. The Agape' Sunday School class has made a donation to the Voice of the Martyrs on his behalf.

Posted by: Edison Rosa
Wed December 16, 2020
Laura, Jeff e família, meus pêsames pela morte do Tio Max. O que dizer nesta hora? O que me vem à mente é isto: mais um guerreiro voltou pra casa. Aleluia! Abraço apertado a todos. Cuidem da Tia Dixie. Ela é quem acordará de manhã e olhará para o lado vazio da cama.

Posted by: Dilma Higa Yahiro
Wed December 16, 2020
Queridos Jeffry, Laura e familiares. Somos muito gratos pela vida de seu pai e todo legado. Muito lindo ouvir o testemunho postado no podcast. Admiro essa família consagrada ao serviço de Deus. Para nós da igreja Holiness, fomos muito abençoados através dos acampamentos construídos. Muitos jovens e crianças se converteram e se consagraram e até hoje tem sido de grande bênção. Deus console seus corações. Com amor Shinze e Dilma Yahiro.

Posted by: Guto Umeki
Wed December 16, 2020
Sou fruto do trabalho da família Edward no Acampamento Panorama, SP, Brasil. Saudades do Tio Max, Tia Dixie dos tempos da minha infância. Atualmente sou pastor da Igreja Evangélica Holiness de Pompéia. Deixarei uma foto recente do balanço na árvore central. Nossas condolências a toda família

Posted by: Rebecca Nordyke
Wed December 16, 2020
Our hearts break over losing such a precious man of God from our lives, but we also rejoice knowing that he is now dwelling in the very presence of his Lord and Savior. We can only imagine the joy he must be experiencing!!!
Max and Dixie have always held a very special place in our hearts and after my parents died, they stepped up to be "surrogate grandparents" to our children and attended Grandparent's Day events for them. They have been God's hands and feet to many!
"In the light of eternity"...Max's life made a difference!!!! He served his Savior well and we will miss him.

Posted by: Lori Reed
Wed December 16, 2020
Condolences to entire family. May it bring you peace that he is in God’s loving arms.

Posted by: Jerry Pitman
Wed December 16, 2020
Barb and I always enjoyed hearing Max preach, and watching him and Dixie interact with the children. Max and Dixie made a great team doing God’s work. Max will be missed as a pastor and great individual.

Posted by: Luiz Takeshi Hashimoto
Thu December 17, 2020
Querida família Edwards.
Deixamos o nosso grande abraço nesse momento difícil de perda.
Louvo a Deus pela vida preciosa do tio Max e de todos vocês.
O legado deixado e a influência a muitos jovens, adolescentes e crianças brilha
ainda nos dias de hoje.

Posted by: Laura M (Boxell) Neargarder
Fri December 18, 2020
Many members of Max and Dixie's family have blessed my life over the years. Praise God for Godly parents.

Posted by: Curt & Anita Austin
Fri December 18, 2020
Our prayers are with your entire family during this time of loss. We pray that your will know God's abiding love and peace.

Posted by: Mimi Pate
Fri December 18, 2020
“Well done thou good and faithful servant!” Uncle Max helped me to grow in my walk with the Lord by his words, his actions, and his love. He will live forever in the lives of all he touched and we WILL be together again one day! “Absent from the body and present with the Lord”... I love you.

Posted by: Darrell and Lynn Mishler
Sat December 19, 2020
I have waited to write this because I don't know where to start.  Tio Max (and Dixie) have had such impact on the lives of our family.  Truly an older brother to Lynn and me.  Truly a wise, loving uncle to our 2 daughters, Emily and Sara.  

Language school in Campinas Brasil...Tio Max coming to our door on various occasions at 4:00 am or so, stopping as the train to or from Camp Panorama brought through our town.  I LOVED his visits.  I loved to dream with him about the ministries so meaningful in his life, and how my family might fit in.

Camp Shalom in Londrina.  One day, "out of the blue" Max took Lynn and me out to an empty field on a hillside with a creek running at the bottom of the hill.  "See that...THAT is Camp Shalom.  The boys rooms are over on the left, the girls rooms down the hill on the right.  Right here, we are standing in the cafeteria.  Look over there to the right, there's the chapel.  And someday...right over there is the house where the Camp director will live.  Who knows, maybe your family will live there one day!"  We did!  Max could see it clearly while we saw a grass field blowing in the wind.

I could go on and on...right along with the thousands whose lives have been challenged, prayed for, invited and loved by this couple.  Dixie...God bless you in special ways during these days of mixed emotions.  May you and each of your loved ones rejoice together... tell many great stories, cry and mourn your loss...but only for a season.  For, as you know, we do not grieve as those who have no hope.  Hallelujah!

Lynn and I...and our you all.

Posted by: Bruce and Mabel Callender
Sun December 27, 2020
It is with very sad hearts that we heard the news of Max's home call.  When Mabel and I went to Mozambique in 1996, Max and Dixie came with a team to pray for us and the new OMS work there.  It has been very touching to see how God answered those prayers and has blessed the OMS work.  We appreciated Max and Dixie's language abilities and most of all their positive attitudes.  They were a great encouragement as we got into the work and we will not forget that.  We know there is sorrow in our hearts as well as in your heart, Dixie, but we do not grieve as those with no hope because we know we will meet again.
You are in our prayers, Dixie, and we pray for much blessing in your life.
Blessings on you, Bruce and Mabel Callender

Posted by: Cheryl Thomas
Sun January 03, 2021
It is with great sadness, yet great joy in hearing about the loss of Max Edwards. Jesus has taken away all of his pain and suffering, and continues to guide us through ours on this earth. He will now be forever with the Lord and in our hearts. I told Nina that I could see Kenny playing a golden baby grand piano for Max upon his entry - what a day of rejoicing that will be! Kenny and I so enjoyed the last visit that we had with him and Dixie. What a joyous reunion we will all have some day!  Love, Cheryl Thomas